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Opening night is on 30th Ocober 6.30-8.30

 I will fly from Perth to be there...

Red Opus Art Space  

  t 8132 0880  |  119 Payneham Rd St Peters SA 5069  |




Emotions of the right hand

Smart Artz Gallery

2 Alfred Place, South Melbourne  Australia

03 9690 8872                 Opening 1st September at 6




"Reaching for the Sun" Art Exhibition

2009 Clare Valley Region SALA FESTIVAL August 7-23

Hummocks Station  Art Gallery

 Barunga Homestead Road, Snowtown





Seppeltsfield Wines
PMB 1 Seppeltsfield Road, via Nuriootpa
South Australia  5355


Canterbury Art Show 1 - 3 May 2009     

At Canterbury Primary School, Molesworth Street, Melbourne


Part of Gadfly gallery in Country Road Cafe, Country Road Store 

307 Murray st Perth 


- Barossa Regional Gallery Tanunda SA 

5th April- 6 May

- Mandurah Art Gallery WA

 Saturday 14 March - Sunday 29 March 2009


- Beverley Art Gallery WA

9th April--13th April


Hello everyone,

My family  have moved to Perth, Western Australia. 

 It is unique and beautiful place and native trees in Kings Park are amazing.

I am very grateful to have had such amazing time in South Australia

and memory of red dessert and emus will stay with me forever.

I am  building up my canvases into landscapes

of  emotive journey of my personal life stories

travelling through Australia and getting to know its beauties

is remarkable feeling. 




Alisa Teletovic in Andamooka, South Australia July 26 2008 with "Our Tree" available and "Spirit watching" SOLD.





When this letter arrived it touched me deeply. Thank you all. It means a lot. Thank you to St Barbs Principal for letting me be part of their History by acquiring my work.


From: jemimapile8881@hotmail.comTo: mail@alisateletovic.comSubject: A letter from Year 5 at St Barbara's Parish School, Roxby DownsDate: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 11:17:12 +0930

Dear Alisa, Hi. We are a class at St Barbara's Parish School. We have been examining your "My home with emus" painting. We have been reading about you and we reckon your painting is very fascinating. We had to write a statement about "My home with emus" and there were some cool things people wrote about your painting. We think your painting represents nature and the outback and it is great. We have been reading about your past and we think that you are good at painting. What is the moon and the stars? Our class thinks your painting is wonderful! One question; how long did it take to finish your painting? Our class loves your painting but I love the emu and I want to do one just like yours I like it that much. Anyway best luck in the future with your paintings! What are the pink dots for? I have been wondering what they were for! I was also wondering why did you pick all those colours? The colours are very beautiful and I love them, well I think we all do! I think that your painting has very good detail in it because you thought about it. Can i ask you a question? What where you thinking when you were doing the painting and why  do you love emus so much? What kind of brushes did you use for your painting? I want to know what inspired you to paint "My home with emus"? You did a really good job with it. We had to pretend that we did your painting. We're all trying to do your painting and it is really hard GOOD JOB. We all think you did an excellent job on your painting. We all think that the emus are very cute! I really liked your painting because it has lot of colour and it has a good shots of the outback. I think its really fascinating and I think I say this for the whole class but I think you will make a lot of money if you keep making wonderful paintings!     (Comments from the students in Year 5 Green) Thankyou for allowing us to write a little bit to you, I took your email address from the statements under your painting from our Library. A great Art lesson was had by all. I have attached some pictures for you.

From Jemima Pile and her Year 5 class.


Also photos supplied of kids paintings same painting.




SALA 2008 Exhibition "Emu Stories"

Saturday 2nd August - Tuesday 2nd September 2008

Bethany Road · Tanunda · Barossa Valley

Red dessert grounded me spiritually and I want more. . Emu stories of the Roxby Journey in South Australia has been in last two years, very important years of my  artistic life. It gave me strengths to be me. To be able to  enhance all the beautiful isolated and rigid red dessert in which believe it or not, things grow, animals live, wind blows, and sun shines…..

My own expressive desire to be submerged within the landscape, almost like a form of mystical spiritual bonding. It is the need to be overcome by it and to enter into a private encounter with it. Land rules and its sense of time allow me to breath in all that is for me to see. When my consciousness has been 'out there' with a fragments of textural, visual and emotional involvements; sensing the shape of trees, crooked and curved broken branches, waiting for emus, seeing red sand, smooth and gentle in my hands, I trust in life.

All paintings have stories that are relavant and important and why I paint them.

Love boat: Let it all live is about two emus in love. Flirting next to their favourite tree. On our trip to Port Augusta I saw two emus , probably hiding from the sun in the shade of this big black  tree. Tree - Voluptuous and full of green branches and life although black. It stayed in my memory. Seeing them highlighted my own experiences of survival and what life represents in general.

Salt bushes everywhere, rocks, broken dry land lines, and how is that they survive. Spirit watching them taking care of them.  I will never forget this outback and I will carry with me forever.





Join me on Wed March 12th at 6pm

"Emu Stories of the Roxby Journey" exhibition at Port Art Gallery

384 Bay street Port Melbourne  2008




Other news:
I have donated a work to 'foodwater shelterart' exhibition.
Opening night Friday March 14, 2008 - 7:30 - 11pm Sydney College of the Arts Gallery,
Callan Park Rozelle, Sydney. More details here

Thank you letter....

 Well, most Westerners would call this thank you, more than a little "late"...

but we're thinking it's authentically timely - if we're going by a Tanzanian clock...

so without further ado, on behalf of the fws team in Aus, the kesho crew here in tz, the kesho leo house mamas... we'd like to thank EVERY ARTIST WHO DONATED WORK AND MADE FWSA POSSIBLE CONTRIBUTING TO THE BUILDING OF KESHO LEO CHILDREN'S VILLAGE IN TANZANIA, EAST AFRICA.

We hope you enjoy this authentic Tanzanian thank you from the Kesho Leo house mamas and their kids, all of whom are THRILLED to know that the $60,000 contribution will see them in the community home and learning centre soon!

Enjoy - and again, asante sana!

Rebecka Delforce

President Food Water Shelter Inc



                     If you are interested in Alisa's work call 0401 139 301

                                     or email                          

Some inspirational images



Salt Lakes - An Emotive Journey Sep 2007


You will not understand - Though earth holds many splendours, Wherever I may die,  I know to what brown country My homing thoughts will fly.  Dorothy McKellar "A sunburnt countryAn opal-hearted country, A willful, lavish land -  All you who have not loved her, 


For the latest collection and new series of my exciting paintings, I began a personal journey and challenge in an outback town called Roxby Downs in South Australia. Adjacent to Roxby Downs is a settlement called Andamooka which is famous for its diggings of Australian opal and not far from the infamous Woomera, where an empty memory lingers of its refugee camp and the highlights of scars within our society.

This unique landscape that I have experienced here will remain stored in my memory and will probably keep emerging in my future work. Trying to redefine my own identity whilst being emersed into the outback beauty of fauvist colours like the red, yellow and blue, this wild and unattainable land is part of a brand new experience in which the exploration has only began. The amazing salt lakes formed centuries ago have left their traces in the wild of this untamed land. Leaving the spirit to float untouched and so mightily red. They left white and pure salt foundations stretching for km after km into this outback. Broken into bits and pieces, the land, although dry, is amazingly very much alive. Whilst within there, you are almost intimidated by this vast and huge space, that stretches the mind and the never-ending vision.

I also fell in love with emus, aboriginal name mamjaunga's.  Seeing them, enhanced the meaning of the whole landscape and I bring my twinkle of passion, some urgency and colliding memories together into the world of my inner thought and my own existence.

Not surprisingly many famous Australian artists like Fred Williams, John Olsen, Lloyd Rees, Sydney Nolan, to name a few, have gone here before me and were similarly overcome by the sheer spectacular beauty and we remain comparatively new people in a very old continent with so much looking to do before we can find forms and colour to explain this landscape in poetic terms. 

I am busy and involved with my painting, almost as if there is no tomorrow and I cherish when my passion is felt by other people. My work is an exploration of the relationships between people, place and time. My work is about being head over heels in love with this timeless landscape.

I am defining me. Please enjoy, as I do

Alisa Teletovic

Cusp Gallery Roads to home April 2007



Bob Metselaar opened Roads to home

I am a researcher and art historian, also a dealer in fine art and antiques. I am here to talk to you about Alisa Teletovic and I must confess that I liked Alisa's work almost straight away since I first saw her paintings at an exhibition in the Wyndham Cultural Centre nearly five years ago. I felt that I had met with an extraordinary artist, and one who was not afraid to paint a little 'outside the square' and thankfully didn't follow the mainstream, but was almost curiously metaphoric. Alisa's work has remained vibrant, full of energy and very relevant and charismatic, yet also not without emotion or sensitivity.

Not surprisingly her paintings have a colourful vibrancy, which is frequently lacking by others in Australian scapes. I am here to tell you that ALISA TELETOVIC and HER WORKS ARE RELEVANT in Australian Art, ladies and gentlemen. Alisa Teletovic's work can perhaps be classified as figurative expressionism, with a touch of naive elements mixed in. It's a style of painting that actually originated in Europe shortly before the First World War, and was imported and embraced in Australia after the Second World War with an influx of promising artist from the Balkans and Latvia. The movement springs from anxiety and knowledge of the loneliness that would prevail without means of communicating ideas, emotions and feelings through art, frequently during a war situation.

Probably the best known movement in Australia were called "the Antipodean Movement" of the 1940's and 1950's (Sydney Nolan, Albert Tucker, Arnold Shore (co-founder of the George Bell School), John Perceval, Arthur Boyd, and women artist Joy Hester, Danilla Vassilieff and Eva Kubbos) and its off spring "the Angry Penguins". Elements of expressionism are present in most art. They communicate information pertaining to the emotions and feelings. One could say these feelings were detectable in artists of the Heidelberg School, when they used bright high-keyed colours and expressive brushwork in response to the landscape, and they documented an emotional involvement into impressionism. A neo-expressionism has developed from the mid 1980's.Since arriving as a resident in Australia from Bosnia nearly a decade ago, Alisa Teletovic has developed a strong sense of empathy with certain kinds of landscapes - anempathy, that is constantly evolving - pieces of the whole environment embodied with emotions and feelings, rather than being inert, meaning without power.

This exhibition, which presents the artist's recent body of works, is her personal exploration of Australia as her new homeland and a mixture of feelings between her past and current life. Alisa is evolving ideas and has developed the skills of expressing these. Alisa's philosophy is that the first impulse of the artistis to obtain pleasure in the creation and secondly in making that pleasure intelligible to others.

The artist's creative vision has an inner consistency, which is born out of her struggle with something powerfully 'other' and is an expression of an intensely personal obsession. AlisaTeletovic's colour explorations and iconography are very relevant in today's turbulent world and in modern art, and I think that this artist may well be somewhat pleasantly ahead of current art expression, but certainly at the forefront. In having had the privilege of viewing this young artist's work and themes on a number of occasions, I find her work remarkably challenging and interesting.

Bob Metselaar


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